Team rankings for Indiana state championship

Since there isn’t really any pre-competition ranking list anywhere, I decided to make one myself. Here is a spreadsheet I made that uses average w/l (win:loss), highest match score, and highest opr to rank all of the teams going to the Indiana state championship. I made 3 different ranking systems for this: raw, filtered, and average rank. You can reorder the list to display the teams in numerical order, raw rank, filtered rank, and average rank by clicking on a box in the column you want to sort by, then clicking on “data” and “sort sheet by column a-z”. If anything weird happens you probably just sorted something you aren’t supposed to sort, so just hit undo. The raw points are just 10 times w/l, plus match score divided by 10, plus opr divided by 5. Filtered points ranks a team’s w/l, match score, and opr, then adds all of the points together and divides them by 3. Average points is just the average of a team’s rank in raw and filtered. The reason I made 3 different ranking systems is to try to find the system that yields the best results, since they each work a little differently. I haven’t spent much time optimizing these ranking systems, so if you think you know how one of them might work better, or you have an idea for an entirely different method, you can use the “custom points” and “custom rank” columns for that.

**If you want to do anything besides adding a comment, please make a copy of it first and use that copy, since when you are using the shared link, anything you do on your computer will do that thing on everyone’s computer who is using the shared link. **

You might add weighting so more recent events are more important. Teams make changes over the course of the season, so a team that had a bad start might be really good now, or visa versa. That’s just a thought; I have no experience with Indiana teams (or any outside SoCal, for that matter).

I would probably do something like that if I had more time, but with the state competition being in just 4 days, I don’t have enough time to re enter all of the win loss info in a way that allows me to add more weight to the recent ones.

Looking at the spreadsheet, I can see how that would be time-consuming. I will try to add the records for each team at each event, but I probably won’t have time, at least until Thursday. Stupid school. =)

I would like to say that there is a mess up for the team 1115A. 1115D is the team that really qualified or at least that is what we have been told. So some of those numbers are wrong such as where we have placed in tournaments and scoring. On the other hand we built a brand new bot in 5 days and its the best bot we have built all year and there will be pictures and video out soon. p.s we got finished Tuesday night at 8 p.m.

hmmm… vex db says that 1115a is the team going to state. I will have to check with robot events and the skill scores to see if there was an error there.

yay we noticed that to but our a team never competed in skills at that tournament so that is why we found it weird our mentor is even confused and thinks that they messed up. Any way we are still going as a team since that is the said team that qualified.

Alright, I’ll put the stats for 1115d in for 1115a and put a note in there that 1115a got the invite officially but 1115d was the team that should have gotten it and is going.

“This team has the absolute best robot that I have ever seen (totally not at all biased comment by Michael Nutt (6210z))” lol

Thank you sorry for any problems this may have caused .

It would be really cool if they could incorporate some calculations like this when building qualifying schedules at events. Using previous event data, the schedule could be built in a way to give all teams a more balance schedule of easy, medium, and hard opponents and alliance partners.

Then again, the random assignment of qualifying matches makes scouting a more important part of the day, which I think is a good aspect of the way tournaments are set up.

Thanks for taking time to compile this data for us. See you at state!

It’s no problem at all. I’m glad you let me know so I don’t have the wrong expectations for your team. Can’t wait to see your Ri5D bot.

also our bot has completely changed I can send some pictures if you would like but it has an x drive, single fly wheel, high lift and a special hand load system.

I’m always up for some pics of a new robot :P. I’m glad theres a couple of teams going for the high lift, since we tried to design our’s to be as light as possible for the purpose of being lifted.

Think it might be able to get up my team’s ramp?

should be able to get up any ramp that is built within reason.

cool, I think most bots can, with the exception of a few, like probably most of not all x-drives, some that have intakes that get in the way, and of course stationary robots. How about 6210z or any of the 6210 teams, @Michael Nutt?


Well, when I mess with our auton and it screws up, the robot sometimes flips its self over by driving up the wall… So I think it’s powerful enough, but unfortunately it is an x drive.

The other two 6210 teams are literal 18 x 18 x 18 blocks of steel, although 6210x could be lifted by some of the stronger lifts.

Might still be worth trying, I don’t think we’ve ever actually tried getting an x-drive up the ramp, I only think it won’t work. And if it can get part of the way up we will probably be able to get it up the rest of the way with our winch. I might be speaking to soon though, We don’t even have the ramp completely put together (but it should be ready by Saturday).