Team Ruined Bot When I Was Gone

So my team changed our robot big time in a way I believe is detrimental to our performance (see attached video.) We’re going to state in a few days. Are we done for?:

I would say that it depends on the state you’re in. If you’re in for example Texas, I don’t think that that would make it past semifinals unless you have an amazing driver.
Do you have any video of what it looked like before?
Anyway, how long were you gone for for that to happen?

This isn’t going to take you to Worlds… IT’LL HELP YOU WIN WORLDS!

pretty sure even 1104g can’t beat this robot in a 1v1. its just too OP :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhhh all 8 disco bots can’t beat it in an 8v1

Obviously, but if they had a ninth, I’m pretty sure we all know what would happen. :smiley:

If you want to go overnight, you can make a simple driverloading robot only and do somewhat okay in the competition otherwise attach a few speakers (plural!) and go yoloing and make it do a dance or something… You can get into the first alliance if you have a cool enough dance and you remind them that if the captain and first pick robot can beat their captain and first pick robot, the second pick robot doesn’t need to do anything because you will win the first and third match.

Dude that’s genius.

Make a 12 motor turbo drive train. Chain it 2:1 and you still have as much torque a 4-speed motor drive. You will be the most desired third pick there is.

Or you can be a defensive robot with a 12 motor drive. Even if they’re turbo on 4" wheels, you can almost match the torque of a 6 motor torque drive, and you will beat any other 6 motor drive, even on 3.25" wheels. Also, you will be really fast, so you can hoard balls effectively. That’s an option.
This would most likely, again, make you a second-round pick for the first or second alliance.

So far, we are at a DCL-only robot, or a defensive one. If you choose to go the DCL route, do a 2 motor drive (for aiming adjustment) and a 10 motor flywheel (if you had a flywheel before), or an 8 motor puncher with a 2 motor intake. That depends on what kind of launcher you had before. If you previously had a flywheel, do your best to copy it from memory, and link a front intake to it. Then, your alliance partners can just feed you balls while you shoot them.

can confirm.

I would do a 8 motor turbo drive on 3 inch wheels, a simple top roller intake, and a 2 motor 1-21 flywheel and be a super simple field bot. The short range flywheel is easy to get working.

I think that tuning the flywheel would take too long. You could try to get a working high lift with 4 motors. Make an intake that can pivot to take a whole stack of balls with 2 motors. Use the rest for the base, make sure they are all turbo and chained together. Best of luck

We got ours first try. Tuning is only needed if you want a high fire rate. Minimum compression and 4 inch wheels should make it good for close range.

Lol I don’t think anyone is actually rebuilding their robot 3 days before state btw :stuck_out_tongue:


@SigmaMan, very nice video and I liked the suspense as the robot was going toward the goal. I though you built some sort of the ball run machine, but the end was still very funny!

Take a look at this KNEX ball run machine:

Damn… What are you going to do when you win worlds?

I thought we went over this.

You need a 12 motor drive base so you can intentionally push an opposing robot into your expansion zone in the last 30 seconds and force a DQ and win.

If your short on time (which it seems you are) make a bot that’ll plow stacks into your corner and or lift. This was you have the potential to be as useful as some field bots. Basically, make a powerful 8 motor drive and some way of herding stacks. If you have time, deploy a simple ramp with one motor. Could be decent if picked as a third choice.