Team #s

Is anyone else having issues with registering a team, especially team #s?

What team number are you trying to register?

Are you trying to register for the SkyRise season? I don’t think the new, Nothing But Net season has opened yet.

This would be for the “Nothing but Net 2015-2016 season” 1087R is the number we want.

Did you already have rights to 1087? RECF has reserved some numbers to give to FRC corresponding teams so they can keep numbers across games. Or it could have been given out to someone that never used it.

I do not see any 1087 teams in Nate’s DB

Contact your RECF representative and they can see the full listings.

If you don;t know it, you can find your rep here:

I am wrong about it being too early to register. I just got this message below:

Sorry about that.

We registered for Nothing But Net 2015-2016 on April 20th and got our welcome kit (including two game balls!) today 4/28/2015. Pretty fast if you ask me. At the time of registration you can type in the number you want and it will tell you if it’s available, or it can pick one for you. Good luck!

Team 8887 I see, that’s a good number, 8888-1 (my team is 8888 :slight_smile: )

If you are having problems registering a team and cannot figure it out, send an email to We do not know of any current issues in the team registration wizard, but please notify us if you see something odd.

ProTip: First, click on the orange “Register a Team” button in your account dashboard, then make sure you select the “renew” radio button if you are a returning team.

So you are the ones!!! Grrrrr we tried for 8888, very luck number! ha ha, but triple eight seven isn’t bad either. I’m glad they let us at least try to get a choice. Good luck!