Team selection in VRC after qualification

When we were in VIQC last season, after qualification, ranking no. 1 team is alliance of ranking no. 2 team. Is it the same in VRC that ranking no. 1 team is alliance of ranking no. 2 team? Thanks.

Teams that are ranked high enough get to select who they want to Alliance with for Eliminations, but the other team has the right to accept or reject.

The VRC alliance selection process is explained in the game manual ( ), look at rules T17 and T18.


In VRC, alliance selection works differently. In order of ranking, 1st rank picks any team that they want to alliance with and that team can say yes or no. If they say no, then they can’t be picked by another team, they can only “captain” an alliance.
For example:
Team A is in 1st. They ask team C who is in 3rd to alliance. Team C says no, so team B cannot pick them. Then team A can pick someone else. When it becomes team C’s turn to pick, they can pick anybody.

Hope this makes sense!
- Henry 344E

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So let’s say team A is 1st place, team B is 2nd place, team C is 3rd place, team A still can select team B? But those top two may be the strongest alliance which is same as VIQC.

Yes, A can still select B in this scenario.

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The top alliance is typically the strongest and wins the tournament the majority of the time. Like you say, it can be the top two teams – however, having the option to select means the top team can pick further down the ranks if they know a team is a good fit for an alliance.

Some seasons there are teams that specialize to a niche role that makes it hard to finish with a high QR rank, but makes them a desirable partner.


Yes they can, but they don’t have to. (As the others have said)