Team Shirts

Where do teams get their team shirts created? Specifically for teams in Indiana…


We had some made up by a local shirt/trophy shop. If you are part of a school, ask the sports department where they get shirts made, we used the same place and got them quickly. Lots of places do screenprinting locally for cheaper than/close to online prices.

Its called The CustomInk

we use a website, (sadly i cant remember the name of it right now, its too early in the morning, lol) to order tees and the design to go on them, but we make our tee’s in house. We have our own tee shirt press, so we skip the middle man and make them cheaper. If we wanted to sell them, we can also sell them cheaper than any organization in the school and still make a profit.

We have used customink for years, they have done a great job and fixed any issues if there were any. We get t-shirts and hoodies. They have done a great job with our “safety green” (bright yellow) color.

We use The Awning Guy in Seymour Indiana, which is a bit far south for most teams.

One of our mentors owns a print shop, so we get t-shirts for super cheap. Look around your local area, the prices offered by local shops can be near the rate of half to what you might pay online

It’s also possible that they could be overpriced, too. If you have the funds, I would highly recommend buying a t-shirt press and making them yourself. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting them ordered in time, receiving them in time, the shirts not looking the way you want them, etc. Buying a press and making shirts is also a good fundraiser. You generally get quite a few orders, because you can sell them cheaper than other organizations. You can also make them customized for each person who wants them for little to no extra charge. I would definitely look into it, but that is just my opinion.