Team sponsors?

Last year was our first time competing and we brought just one team of five people. However, this year our team has grown quite a bit and we have enough people for about four teams to compete. However we don’t really have the funds to do so as of now. We’ve been trying to contact some local companies but have gotten few responses as of yet. Does anyone have any tips on how to talk to companies or get funds in any way?

Team 1000

Here is a list of all the FIRST Robotics teams from California - you might find the list of sponsors helpful. Many of them sponsor more than one team, and might be willing to grant money to a VRC team. I’ve also heard many success stories about selling HexBugs.

I’ll also talk to Mark Leon at NASA and ask if the Robotics Alliance Project is willing to expand its sponsorship program to include VRC teams.

Good luck,

Thanks I’ll try to contact some of those companies soon.

Try to get some of the parents to get their firms involved. Motorola is our major sponsor and they got involved after one of the parents who worked at Motorola took interest in our team. Today, Motorola sponsors our VRC(5 teams) and our FRC(3 competitions) ventures.