Team T-shirts

I’ve been tasked with coming up with some t-shirt designs for our team. Google images has not helped me with inspiration. Does anyone have a good design they want to show off?

is your team school based or is it a club that is not school based like cornerstone robotics. if its school based maybe the school logo on the front with team # below and on the back the vex logo and under that awards you have won.

Yes, we are based on a school. Thanks for the idea!

If you are looking for inspiration, you might want to check the VEX Robotics Flickr photos.

Part of the design is impacted by the shirt you choose. You may want to start there for inspiration. (and narrow to real costs of the base shirt)

We use a local shirt printer who uses a national catalog hosted website where you can choose all sorts of cool shirts and see their prices.

This company is in Delaware so it would be a bit tough to go there, but many local screen printing companies have similar links to the catalog. So look locally first and they probably have something similar. Your school may already use a local vendor.

Also, our girl roboteers were especially happy to have a girls cut shirt this year as an option. Most of them previously tied the corners or did something to make them not look as boxy. We made a mentor polo shirt to differentiate the adults too. So be aware of your entire audience and it’s not much of a price difference to get different styles for the mentors.

Try to make your team name and your t-shirt follow a specific team. For example, my old team was called Black Tie Robotics, so our t-shirt was simply tuxedo t-shirts. Since it’s such a common design, we were able to get it for cheap from here:

If you make a design we have a screen press and print shirts for a cheap price we print for 6 bucks a shirt and have a 4 color press.

for the team im on, our name is a an acronym for our program. SHARP Sarah Heinz Advanced Robotics Program. And our logo is a bow tie with SHARP written in it. Meaning sharply dressed. Coming up with cool, creative, and individual ideas are always the best. It creates a brand for you. Not to mention, make it something appealing. Teams remember you more and might come to you more often. Like when people see us in our tuxedo shirts and bow tie, they say we are looking pretty SHARP!:slight_smile: