Team Tool Boxes

I am wondering where you all get your tool boxes? Me and my parents are starting our own team this year, and were wondering where to look for good tool boxes.

We would like to have a rolling tool box if available!

Thank you all!

We have large husky toolboxes from home depot but ours we got weren’t rolling

We have a large tool box that we keep in the classroom where we work, but we do not take it to events. We put the small VEX tools in small, clear, plastic pencil cases (also good for standoffs), and we bring large plastic tubs to hold laptops, saws, drills, and other tools.

We have a collapsable platform cart that we use to carry the plastic tubs and robot boxes (plywood, approx. 20" cube) into tournaments. We can stack the cart high and can carry anything that doesn’t fit, so we don’t need to bring a rolling tool box to events. Two large tubs can serve three robots for any event.

If you go here Home Depot Tool Box Search] you can see a lot of the tool boxes Home Depot offers. Which one were you talking about?

We need a lot of room in ours. Who doesn’t :smiley:

I believe our club (Cornerstone Robotics) uses these tool boxes Husky 22 in. Cantilever Plastic Tool Box with Metal Latches]

Tackle boxes ftw

our team has 3 off these (

… 3 people have one of these each then one person carry’s the robot

When you say “rolling toolbox,” I imagine you mean this:

That’s a stanley toolbox, which can apparently be picked up at Home Depot. We have a similar box, and it holds most of our supplies.

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My team has gotten most of its tool boxes from home depot. We usually just get them when they are on sale.

Our program has grown beyond the use of conventional toolboxes.

All of the smaller parts (screws, standoffs, etc) are stored inside medium/large Tupperware containers. Team uses rather large gray boxes to store their individual parts/robots. Not only has this been easier with a large team/number of parts, it’s also easier to work when you’re not digging around in small toolboxes during a meeting.

When teams need to travel for an event, they use the good ole tackle boxes. They have slots that you an arrange. Students usually just grab a handful of everything and toss them into the compartments.

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If you have a local Lowes or Home Depot you should try going in and talking to the manager. We were lucky enough to get them to provide various items to us. They seem to be very generous with things. You might want to have some type of letter and, if possible, a tax ID number.

You are correct. Each team has one of these toolboxes and we have a couple others shared by all the teams.


This topic comes up on the forum every year or two:

Alas, the wide Plano Stow-and-Go has been discontinued. :(](

This is just the kind of item that’s great for Harbor Frieght !!

I like these two :

Yes, very sad.

For groups with 1/2/3 teams the fishing tackle boxes work well and I highly recommend them.

Once you get past 10 robots, a very weird, but explainable thing happens: hoarding. I bought 7,000 screws of assorted sizes and 5,000 keps nuts along with 1000 nylon lock nuts. And within 3 meetings 90% of them were gone. They were in the team boxes, along with about 3.2 million lbs of VEX metal and few hundred motors. (If the limit is 10 motors and you have 8 on your robot, why do you have 10 in your box?)

So this year we will be switching over to much, much smaller boxes that will hold just a few nuts, bolts, tools, controllers and battery packs. The rest of the metal, sensors, motors, wires, etc. will go in common boxes. That will limit the amount of hoarding that goes on.

Lol, this simply happens due to people being lazy. I have been on the hoarding side and the mentality is literally, “I don’t want to spend time sorting this stuff out. So I’m just going hold onto it.”

On our teams, we’ve found that teams…need…their larger boxes. Our teacher prefers the mess be in the boxes rather than all over the build room. However, hoarders suffer when it’s time to take stuff apart and get all of the parts back in their original bins.

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we have only just got these tool boxes like 5 days before the uk nationals, because i got sick off having to route through a massive cardboard box for a screw … so i spent out and claimed it back … best decision ever … needed to be done, also have acquire a 19X19X19 inch cardboard box for transporting the robot … next thing 2 do is spray the box … and cover it in rubbish :smiley:

Where do you guys get your boxes for your robot? Do you just make them or did you buy it? Because my team just used a cantaloupe box and another one of our teams used an avocado box.

We built ours out of plywood. A 20" cube is a great benchmark, as it is not excessively large for transit (oversize baggage charges if you have to fly to a tournament), yet a robot and some plywood to reinforce the box can fit inside with a bit of space to spare. We also put engineering notebooks, batteries, and other supplies along with packing foam inside to ensure the robot arrives safely. Holes in the side for handles are good, and we just put them on a platform cart, so wheels are not necessary.

We had a similar discussion before worlds:

One of our team member’s parents is well acquainted with a local metalworks company, who made us a nice 20"^3 box for our robot. We padded the inside with pink foam, and added wheels for carrying convenience. It’s a little heavy, but it’s safely transported 25+lb robots to Worlds and back, two years in a row, without overweight luggage fees.

Some teams have problems with less durable boxes (one team at Worlds had a robot that had been bent, broken, and water damaged), and this is why we went for a metal box. We watched in horror as luggage handlers slammed and dropped it on stuff (one poor guy had to carry it down stairs), but our robot was perfectly fine.

Sigh… so it is not just my club…

well… at least it is comforting to know that hoarding is happening in other clubs as well :stuck_out_tongue:

my boys even resort to having “secret stash” :frowning: