Team Twitters, Facebooks, Flickrs, ect.

What’s you’re URL?

Post the URL to your teams Website, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, PhotoBucket, anything that has to do with your team! I want to see them!!!

GUS Website:

GUS Twitter(Follow us please!):!/FRC228


Fuego’s Facebook!(Go like him!):[

Thank you for your time!


I like this idea!

Our facebook:

And our Website


We are working on the website so not everything is up and running :stuck_out_tongue:

Twisted Botz:

We have some stuff up… Check out the blog feature on the website! I’m working on making this more current, with actual notebook entries every time we meet, being uploaded, like, at the end of the meeting…

Team PWNAGE (FRC Team 2949, VEX 355’s)

Twitter: currently not operational (login stuff is screwed up)
youtube: same as twitter currently

for any additional info you can PM me or email me at for any more information on any part of our organization.

And any feedback on any of our sites would be greatly appreciated!!!

and theyres not much point posting the facebook because its all secure :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you want my personal facebook you can always PM me.

Blog: [


Team #24, the Super Sonic Sparks. (24A, 24B, 24C)

Website (which we are hoping to work on a lot this year):
Team Facebook page:
Team YouTube (for Online Challenge Promotional Videos and such):
My personal YouTube (where I’ll post video of our robots): [

You can also feel free to PM me, or email me personally at


Awesome site! Love how simply awesome it is. How many kids do you guys have on your team? It seems like you guys are quite small. Also I do have some questions about the summer program you guys run. I’ll PM you.


Thanks! Our web guys will be happy to hear this. They hand-coded the entire thing during build season, and one was our main programmer while the other was one of the main build guys. They’re working on improving it even more for next year.

Yeah we are pretty small. This past year FRC had 7-8 people pretty much. FRC is what our organization calls the “Wolves Division”. Our “Coyotes Division” is our VEX teams and our FTC teams (yes we have both). This year we’ll have around 6 VEX teams and 3 FTC teams. Finally our “LegoDogs” division is our FLL teams and we usually have 7-8 teams a year. So small organization in some respects, and large in others.

And I’ll PM you later with the summer camp info stuff later Dave. If anyone has any questions about our organization or teams or anything you can ask here or PM me or email me at the address I provided above.

May I say Nick, that is simply the best use of 8020 I have EVER Seen.

Coming from someone who simply hates 8020 for everything it is, thats a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Andrew

Team 1902 Exploding Bacon / Aperture Robotics

I’m assuming you’re referring to our arm from this year and not our chassis from 2010. I don’t like 80/20 much either for chassis because to take it apart is very annoying. But for our arm it was perfect fro what we needed. It was really strong (the arm could take 320lbs of force hitting it directly from the side before it bent) yet light because it was the half 80/20 stuff. But yeah, after 2010 I think we’re going to try to stay away from 80/20 on the chassis lol.


Yeah I was talking about your telearm! Beautiful implementation… Wait Light and 8020 used in the same sentence, Was there something I missed? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Andrew

Exactly why I hate it for a chassis. That and to change one part means to take apart the entire thing.

But thanks for the kind words.

Obviously the link is in the signature, but just for good measure here it is again.

Link to Auckland University Robotics’ website:


Youtube: GCEC Robotics

Our facebook page was made as a private group for some reason…


Am I the only one really bothered by that? ><

[10 Chars]

What’s bothering you about it?

“Your” versus “you’re;” the constant battle between grammar freaks and people who most times could care less. :stuck_out_tongue: I would probably be considered part of the grammar freak “club,” but I’m not going to be fighting with anyone over the internet about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, to get back on topic… Everyone post your URL’s… :wink:


OHHHH! Scared me for a little while:p. I knew it didn’t look right. Thank you for the correction!

Now like he said, everyone go back to posting your URL’s! ;] :stuck_out_tongue: