Team Twitters, Facebooks, Flickrs, ect.

I’m sorry I had to point it out. :wink:

Back on topic our team’s website isn’t off the ground yet. (I think we a abandoned it.) But our organization’s website is here.

Don’t you mean you’re URLs?

I’m not…

“What’s you’re URL?” Say it like “what is you are URL?” and make it into a song. ;D


P.S. Sorry for hijacking the thread even further… I couldn’t help myself.

We have our twitter, facebook, youtube, vimeo links on our homepage.

Team 44’s Info:

YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:

The facebook page isn’t going too great yet but then again neither is the website. I’ll post more when it’s going better.

Team 1492 W.A.S.A.B.I. Robotics’ facebook page.

Team 3057 - Tenacious Tech:

Website (not up yet):
Youtube Channel:

There’s not much on any of those but there will be soon.

Team 357

Build Blog(VRC):

Great idea. :slight_smile:

Team 2438, 'Iolani School, 'Iobotics

Facebook -

Our website is forthcoming, hope that it’ll be up within the month or so.