Team Unlimited Base Code

The following link is to a .zip file where one can download the code developed by Team Unlimited for the 2007-2008 season. This code (which is not our FINAL version of this code) contains the code for our “auto-straight” code. This code is a work in progress, and is not yet finalized, so if a bug or problem arises, please PM me or leave a message. Also, there are many variables that you will need to input for this to work FOR YOUR ROBOT. Such as motor directions, motor ports, etc. This code is for a 4 motor drive, not 2 or 6.

Hope you all can submit any problems that you find, and I will be more than willing to go over the code with people who are interested.

Good luck to all teams out there.

NOTE: This was made in the 2007-2008 competition template. This is calibrated to our robot, so you will have to fix it for your robot if you truely want to use this code properly.

~Patrick Pilvines from Team Unlimited (FTC #1)