Team UVM Toss Up Reveal and Conclusion

This was the first (and maybe only) year for team UVM in the VEX U competition. We went 9-1 in the qualification rounds before getting knocked out in the quarter finals.

Video reveal:

Lightfoot (15 inch robot)
8 motor 1:1.6 drive
2 motor 5:1 6-bar lift
2 motor 1:1.6 side roller intakes
2 piston, 2 tank pneumatic launcher
19 pounds

The original Toss Up robot, Lightfoot was mostly built in the two weeks after Sack Attack worlds. It went on to inspire many of the robots used in Toss Up after it was posted online early in the season. The main change since then was the addition of a launcher. It was designed to be quick, efficient, able to push if needed, and above all, reliable. Lightfoot was an ideal robot for controlling the goal zone, excelling at every aspect of the game except hanging.

Clodhopper (24 inch robot)
6 motor 1:1.6 drive
4 motor 7:1 4-bar lift
2 motor 1:1 side roller intakes
2 piston, 1 tank hanging locks
18 pounds

Clodhopper was built largely over winter break. It’s goal was to function as a “normal” robot, but also high hang with three large balls (one of your color and two of the opponent’s) at the end of each match. At worlds, the large balls were inflated to the higher end of spec, and since I had only tested on the lower end, it couldn’t actually hold all three. We ended up removing the tray extension, and just hanging with one. Despite this, Clodhopper was still highly effective, stashing buckyballs, passing large balls, and consistently hanging with a ball.

Autonomous decided many of the matches in VEX U this year. We had two main autonomous modes for each color. One of them scored 35-38 points, which I believe was more than any other VEX U team. Clodhopper started in the hanging zone and fed Lightfoot a preload, then picked up a buckyball from the bump and two from the wall. Lightfoot scored these two preloads in the stash, and then blocked anyone from trying to interfere while Clodhopper scored another three in the stash to fill it. Clodhopper then knocked off the two large balls from the barrier. This autonomous used gyros, encoders, and line followers, and worked most of the time, allowing us to have a full stash before driver controller started along with the 10 point bonus. We ran our normal match autonomous for programming skills thinking to get in the top five and add more to it the next day, but sadly we were just barely bumped out of the top five so we were unable to have another try. In hindsight, we should have prioritized programming skills more.

Our other autonomous, which would be used against teams who blocked our stash right at the beginning of the match, had Lightfoot block our stash right away to keep opponents away from it, then Clodhopper would stash three buckyballs and knock off two large balls. This is the mode we used in the quarterfinals, but somehow it failed despite working on the practice field five minutes before. The autonomous failure, combined with Clodhopper stalling its drive so it couldn’t get back to hang (another feature I was unable to recreate on the practice field) we lost both matches by nine points.

These two matches show off our main autonomous:

We won the first nine matches (including one against the eventual champions, THH1), then the last day things started going wrong, and we lost the last three. We placed fourth after qualification, and lost in the quarterfinals. We had a good showing despite receiving no awards.

Thank you to my teammate Gordon from UVM for believing in me, doing a lot of the programming, and coming to worlds. Thank you also to Robert for coming to help out. Finally, a big thank you to my dad for taking on travel expenses to go to worlds with us and handle all the logistics. I will be competing this year with some of my friends on team Bots ‘n’ Stuff. I’m looking forward to it.](

This will be good. :slight_smile:

Such a shame you didn’t get into finals. It would’ve been pretty awesome if the original Toss Up robot was to win worlds.

That autonomous, though…

I would love to thank Owen for inviting me to participate with Team UVM this past year. It really meant a lot to me to be able to compete with the robot I saw grow up, and revealed so early in the season. Owen, you completely blew my mind this past year. You were basically a 1 man VEXU team the entire year, and for that alone I think you won. You were able to get both of these robots to be amazing and then work perfectly the first part of worlds. Team BNS is going to be great, and I know your contribution to the team will be a huge part of our success.

Well done Owen, good robots, great programming!

I’m looking forward to the BNS vs NAR final next year.

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Yes, great job. You inspired so many people.

I think OYES will be a third team to bring the challenge this year.

Team BNS will definitely do well, so keep up the great work guys.

Actually sadly OYES was only a one time team as well :confused: They have joined AURA now, so an already excellent team has just gotten ever more deadly :stuck_out_tongue: Skyrise VEXU Worlds will sure be a blast!

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I cannot confirm or deny this.

Also, thanks for the reveal! Really nice looking robots and you guys looked really strong during the competition and I predict a force to be reckoned with in years to come…

That assumes you aren’t just a myth and attend worlds. :smiley:

Wish I got to see them up close… :slight_smile: But seriously, those are some crazy good robots! Congrats on … being amazing and cool and building insane stuff.

Looks like this thread is a reveal of the new BNS sigs as well.

Wish I could have seen more of you at worlds. They look great.

I don’t look forward to competing against BNS in the slightest.

It looks like team BNS is going to be a great team! Team VCAT looks forward to a nice and challenging Skyrise season. For the looks of it you guys are in the North East area! perhaps BNS can make it to our Fall or Winter Scrimmages, they are already posted on robot events!

Since you’re about a 6 hour flight away from NE, maybe we’ll run into each other like old times? :stuck_out_tongue:

And Owen/Robert, AWESOME robots as usual! Congrats this year, hope you have better luck in eliminations next year!