Team VCAT Vex U Reveal

Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology (VCAT) from New York participated in the Vex Reeduca Competition in Cancún Mexico. After two days of competitions VCAT robotics was crowned the tournament champion. The team was undefeated throughout the entire competition! Our highest score was 283!

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Stay tuned, video coming soon.

That holo is sexy as … wow guys!

I’d be interested in the loader on it.

are the shooter wheels 3D printed?

Yes, the flywheels along with most of the main components were 3d printed!


Full reveal will be out soon. We are working on editing the videos!
Thanks for your compliment. :slight_smile:

Wow… Dem flywheel launchers be beautiful! :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the robots! Can’t wait to go up against you guys later in the year!

We will be looking forward to facing you guys!. Cheers!

I am so #@!^&*@# jealous that VEXU gets to use 3d printed parts. This is the type of ingenuity I wish we could inspire at the high school level. I completely understand why the GDC doesn’t allow it in terms of fairness to all schools…but still…oh so jealous.

You are right. 3D printing is a powerful tool and opens the door for so much creativity and ingenuity. Cost is a problem and not every team can afford a good 3D printer and this is why, I believe, high school teams are not allowed to use this technology. Let’s hope that the GDC will change the rules next year.

That is beautiful holo. I love the way it intakes :smiley:

What are the 4 Ultrasonic Sensors used for?

The ultrasonics are used to help with the angle of the small robot (Auto aiming based on distance from the net, and angle from starting tile to the net) and for auto positioning of the big robot.

Here is a link of one of the final matches we played in mexico

What kind of travel budget do you guys have? I’m jealous. New York to Mexico is generally a plane ride for a team. I guess your could drive there.

Our school covered the flights, Reeduca invited us and covered the hotel. In general Vaughn college is very supportive of our robotics club and always covers 100% of all expenses.

Team BNS did uh, not have that. Betty from QCC helped a ton with everything but it isn’t the same when it isn’t the school. I pretty much told my teachers I was going to miss no matter what they said but that I would prefer if they gave me a little leniency.

Wow! Way cool of them.

Maybe you could find a tournament over spring break in a nice warm climate too?!

Too bad colleges stagger their spring breaks or you could make a heck of a tournament.

Looks like we already have VEX U teams abusing the 3D printing rule

Abusing? I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I give props to VCAT for getting creative with their design using a new resource that we are really allowed to take full advantage of. I’ve always seen Scoffing at teams for their resources kind of petty. They worked hard to have access to those printers and from the looks of it the printers they used are pretty top notch.

Anyways to my friend at VCAT robots look slick, looking forward to competing with you.

  • Andrew

Now I’m excited for the VEXU competition, nice work.

Any fancy programming used? What is the sensor you have on top of the flywheels?