Team Website- 1815 CATaclysm

Hey everybody,

If you have the time, please check out my entry for the Dell Online Challenge this year! Feel free to give comments and suggestions–even though I’m not going to change the website at this point, feedback is always awesome.

Here’s the link for the entry:

I know this post is really late (it’s the last day of voting!) and understand that your priority should be your own team, but please vote for the website if you like it. It’s a tremendous encouragement for my months-long work.

Thank you in advance!

Dang!!! The website looks really well built and professional. Just so you know, the amount of votes you get does not mean that you cannot win. Only voting is considered to help be seen before everyone else, but it is not a major determining factor as to who wins. This website is very competitive, and I also love how compatible it is on mobile as well.

Hello Team!

I joined the team website, I am very happy with this work!
It is a site that contains good information about the team!
Congratulations on your work and continue to make progress.

In a future they could add videos about the team and their lives!

Greetings from Brazil!