Team with students from different schools

Is it possible to have a team with students from different schools in any VEX Robotics sack attack competition?

Not only is it possible, it’s common.

In our area, teams 3581D and 3581E are mixtures of kids from 3 different high schools. Meetings could be somewhat difficult to schedule, but those teams had a pretty good season anyway.

Some of the best teams in VEX are homeschooled. Not really different schools, but it’s basically the same dilemma.

Hmm, I wonder who that could be (cough, cough Green Egg, cough)

All kidding aside, our FRC team has students from 3 or so different teams

As a question, are these teams composed of students from schools that have there own teams as well or are they just on said team.

What I mean is…
Are there teams that are made up of two different clubs (both of which compete) and yet jointly maintain a team separate from either club?

In the case of the teams I mentioned, the members are only on one team.

However, since all of the x581 teams are funded and mentored by MSU, we all tend to collaborate with each other at tournaments, and we have small scrimmages together as well.

Just about any setup you can imagine exists. What are you specifically trying to figure out?

It’s legal, mix and match away.

Unless your drivers aren’t students. Then, that might not be legal.

I was just wondering how well that would work. We were playing around with this idea with another club and we didn’t know if we had thought of the possible roadblocks or if there was a benefit.

You can always collaborate, even on seperate teams The only advantage would be cheaper team registration at local events.

I believe teams have to all be from the same school to get registration discounts. The MSU x581 teams all used to be numbered 1581, and got discounts as a result, but then MSU was told to give each school its own number. The x581 teams no longer get mass discounts like we used to (although the clubs with multiple teams still get their own discounts, like 3581D and 3581E).

Our robotics teams are not school related. I started a club out side of the school system and have students from 5-6 schools. So far we have worked out sunday evenings for meetings then a weekday meeting when they can show up.

If the school systems the kids are coming from have funds it could work out with 2-3 schools helping fun the cost. Our local schools don’t have the funds to support a team with out the fear of them cutting it all the time.