Hey guys!

I am the designer of and I wanted your input on what you think of it. What stuff do you like, dislike, or think needs fixed on the site? I am trying to create the best possible VEX team website. What stuff would you like to see on our site?

We have over 30k views on our website since August 2012. What attracts you the most to our website? We plan on creating more tutorials this year for new teams.

Be honest about our site :slight_smile: I want to revamp it if needed this summer for the beginning of VEX Toss Up. Thank you!

Aside from needing some editing for grammar and spelling I really like it! I wish we had someone who was well versed in HTML, CSS, and PHP so we could have a really nice site. We use Wordpress because it is simple. Your website has a nice professional look to it.

Thanks. I knew I had misspelled stuff :stuck_out_tongue: I use weebly which is a free program that gives you a template, and then you can keep the template how it is, or edit the crap out of it. I never use the template they give me without editing it. I’m glad you like it so far!

What would you add to our site to make it better?

I would try to simplify your top links. Go from 9 to around 5-7 links …
nest in a few links to make it easier for people to navigate

The site looks great ! The free weebly site designs are becoming really awesome. Thanks for sharing

to justify what i put, it is nice but could be awesome with a little bit of work

How would I make it ‘awesome’?


instead of buttons, have a image of you doing work for about …
then an image of awards/trophies for accomplishments, then for
season updates, use an upto date photo of your build area


same as above, use images instead of buttons, looks much nicer




has a blank space underneath the toss up reveal video …

These are a thew quick suggestions

a couple off things i think you have left out which makes a nice
rounded website. firstly: a calander page / upcoming events

secondly: make the VEX link on the task bar open
in a new tab as it keeps a version of your website open so
people don’t just forget about you.

suggest adding a marquee on the index page with upto date news on

I have one caveat to this… if you can’t keep it updated, don’t have it at all. Nothing looks worse than logging into a site and seeing an upcoming event in 1998. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make this subtle, if you do it at all. Don’t have flashing red text, and don’t scroll. Some modern marquees have a fade in/fade out that can be stylish if done slowly.

Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Use a tag.