Teams and Facebook

I was just thinking about VEX teams and their pages on Facebook. My team/club has a Facebook page and I know Cheesy Poofs and Green Egg has one (I already liked those). It would be nice to stay updated not only on the forum but when teams are making progress, get recognized, etc as it happens. For anyone whos team has a Facebook page, post it up so everyone can check it out and/or like it. The teams in our club try to update every couple of days. Probably not as much not since Gateway is over and the design process for Sack Attack has begun. Here is a link to ours.!/pages/NightHawk-Robotics-Club/115864521815253

Some others I know of:

Team 1492 W.A.S.A.B.I. Robotics

Exothermic Robotics

Just created one : p!
search it up!:smiley:

Team 3057 - Tenacious Tech

Team 44, Green Egg Robotics:

I would suggest updating a little more often next year

Super Sonic Sparks - Team 24

~Jordan i very recently made this

I know our students have a Facebook group but due to school division policy I am not part of it so maybe one of them will see this post and link it.

theyre looking good guys. I have just “liked” everyones that was posted. I hope you all do the same for my team/organization

K Force! Team 2919.

Here is our website:

Two Guys and a Robot
A middle school homeschool team
We will be a larger team in the next year

Sorry our group is closed but pm me and I will give you my full name.


What catagory in products is gyroscopes under?
(our teams< are intrested in buying them…

They are under sensors, for future references there may be a thread about it already, or you can start one asking. Also, in the top right hand corner of, there is a search bar. (…)

Gael Force Facebook:


Both are works in progress… Our other Facebook page is being destroyed…](

Team 134’s (Team Discovery) FB page is:

and the SimpleRobotics FB page is:

Great idea - Thanks

Team 8059 (High School) and 8088 (Middle School) FB page:

We have just started the page… give us some time to fill up the content.

But in the mean time, hope to link up with all of you here :slight_smile:

It is nice to see a bump to my old thread. I have liked everybody’s page that has posted a link. Keep updating your pages, it is nice to see what other teams from around the world are doing. The 569 teams will start updating once school is back in session. I know 569C has some big plans for Sack Attack.