Teams apart of larger YDP organizations ????

I was wondering how many teams are from larger youth development organization (Boy scouts, 4-H, Girl Scouts…). In CA there are a few but is this common ???

I think there is one near Galveston that is from a 4-H team. I don’t remember where but I know there is one in Texas

There are quite a few in texas.

I am part of a 4-H team, and I know there is at least one other 4-H based team in Maryland.

I know of at least 1 Boy Scout Team in Maryland as well.

Puerto Rico had some Girl Scout teams too. It does seem to be less common than you might think. The advantages can be great as you get automatic 501c3 coverage in those groups and that makes donations easier.

But the integration with a larger organization can be tough on other matters though.

I would love to see more of these types of organizations not only with scouts and 4-H but with local youth community sport organizations. You would never go pro as a baseball player without playing in youth baseball, why would you become an engineer without first doing robotics?