Teams Going to Southern California State Competition in La Verne

Hey, are there any teams that are going to the State competition in La Verne for Southern California? Also, any teams that competed in the McBride #10 tournament or the Harvard-Westlake Challenge might know them as well. I know that Xenon27 (I’m not going to @ you because I’m sure you’ll see it anyways lol) is from there and competed in them. I just had a question about the team 471X. I’ve been looking at every team that I find significant enough at State that they will be a powerful alliance partner or difficult enemy. This team is one that I think is very strong. However, I think their team is relatively new (or they were recently formed even though they had previous experience) and so I can’t find them. The matches they were in weren’t videoed and I want to learn more about them. If someone has any info about them it would be appreciated. For their team number/name again they are 471X Mantis.
Also this isn’t as important, but if anyone is going to the same State competition and they want to talk to me and my team, we are the 7983X Centennial Cyberhawks. Don’t judge us based off our old robot please lol. It wasn’t that great and wasn’t built for skills whatsoever and so we don’t have the greatest skills or placements in tournaments, but I assure you we are still a really good team.

Edit: To clarify this is high school level


The matches from the HW challenge were videoed, they can be found here: HW Robotics Tournament on Livestream. Additionally team 471 is a new organization set up by @Unionjackjz, but is made up of some people from 3324. I will send them a message to see if they wish to respond to your message so you can possibly talk to them.


We’re pretty deep into the NorCal sig right now, but I’ll pass this message along as well. Thanks!


Yea hello that’s us, my teammate Zach and I. My discord is jzames#8268 if you want to talk via discord


welp guess I am not on that list

L + Ratio :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay. I will message you later. I’m more of just wanting to see what everyone is like and if they potentially would be willing to alliance with a good, but overall fairly inexperienced team. I’m new to the very competitive side of VEX and none of my teammates know about this either. Thank you all for being helpful!