Teams in Ontario, Canada

On Dec. 3 2016, there will be a vex starstruck event held by Castlebrooke Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. At the moment, there are 55 teams registered. It will be very much appreciated if 5 more teams register for this event. If 5 more teams register for this event, the semifinalists will also qualify for provincials. If we don’t have 60 teams in total only finalists and champions(including some other award winners) will qualify for provincials. By attending, more teams can qualify for provincials.

@b-unstoppable Nice is it possible for teams to come to ontario to castlebrooke secondary school to compete who dont live in ontario, for instance teams that are locared in the U.S.A.?

Of course, you can register from anywhere around the world.

See you guys there!

@ANON_00111001 Looking forward to see you too. What team are you from?

@b-unstoppable 99000B