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Hi, I’m an 8th grader in Virginia currently part of 6096A. I moving to texas next year and want to continue doing vex. I will be competing in texas region 2 and living somewhere near the Frisco area. I wanted to know if there were any notable teams I could possibly join. I’m 3x world qualifying 2x state champ, and place 15th in the world last year for ms. These are just a couple of my accomplishments.

No help from California here, but it might be beneficial if you try the Texas discord.

VEX Public Discord Server List - VEX V5 General Discussion - VEX Forum

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Reach out to the RECF Team Engagement Manager - at middle school level, teams of note change pretty quickly - but the TEM should be able to steer you to clubs in the area.

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Thank you sm, but do you know where I can find the contact for the manager

Here you go:

look up your desired region and you will see the RECF regional contacts.

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Thank you

20 charecters

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