Teams to meet at World?

Since World is coming up soon, I am interested in making this year’s experience more exciting than last year for my team. Last year was our first year attending the World Competition, and we weren’t really worried too much about meeting teams, which is something I really missed out on. We had stressed about the actual competition itself, which is not so smart now that I reflect back to last year.

We are putting together a list of legends, well known teams, forumers, teams in the BNS skype chat, mentors, vex staff, etc… that we should meet while at the World Competition.

What are some teams you would recommend we make a priority to meet?
We are interested in meeting VexU, VRC HS, VRC MS, and VexIQ teams.

For VEXU I would say just go around the pits and look at all the cool college bots. Since its so small it shouldnt take long, but feel free to stop by the BNS pits, we always like meeting new people!
VRC HS I would for sure go meet the 1104 members, they are not only really good but super nice people. Also check out the New Zealand teams! The majority of them should be in a big group at the pits. Some other teams are 62, 400x, 118, 1114, 2587, 8757.
Vrc MS… all i can think of is 2587x.

Meet all of discobots!!!

I recommend Team JPearman

In all seriousness though, you should meet the 8059 teams and @meng :slight_smile:

I would recommend coming to see us there, team #7479

We are just legends just coz…

I would recommend coming to see 1575. We have TVs with our robots’ abilities, friendly people, and usually buttons to give out. Also, we can help with just about any problem that exists with robots, so feel free to ask. We’ll have one of the larger pits since we are bringing 4 teams to compete at worlds, and well as some of the other robots which didn’t make it to worlds just to show off.

Thanks for the shoutout!
And do drop by our pits… As usual, it will be transformed into one big pit.

And especially those who have contributed to the Get Tom to the World fund… Please do at least come over and get a photo or two with the team :slight_smile:

I’d recommend 1575. They a great and have really good people with the same interest you have.

Swing by 35’s pit, and don’t forget to check out our sister teams, 35A, 35B and 39! We usually have a TV at our pit running some video, on the second day of worlds we put up our world’s robot reveal there too.

It’s always fun to visit the pit that is playing super smash bros on a game cube :slight_smile: last year they were right next to our pits

I try to catch up with all the forum people at some point as well. Meng seemed to magically avoid me last year but this time I shall find him.

I’ll definitely put that on my to-do list! We tried to play Smash Bros at State, but we couldn’t find a TV that would work for it.

@tabor473 where will you at worlds

I just wonder about. Good places to find me will be 62 or 69s pit in HS or GOAT or BNS in VEXU. I will be the tall, loud blonde guy bothering everyone.

My hometown team are the VEXmen, so stop and see them. Look for them in the 80->90’s team ranges. An amazing season, so many good robots, so few can go to Worlds. Go VEXmen!!!

My Delaware favorites are:
99288 MOT Charter School – World class shooter
1623A William Penn High School – If you can climb the ramp, they can lift @15 lbs
9020 Cape Henlopen High School – Watched them do 5 bonus balls in the high goal after the preloads.

and in Middle School
9296B Selbyville Middle School – 4 more years of them in VEX, a team to watch!

My personal list is to meet James and Griffin.

You ALL need to walk to the VEX IQ area and meet the roboteers there. Two reasons, some of them are taking your place with VEX metal. Second, you are going to end up working for one of them, might as well meet them now. Good interview opening is always “Hi, we met at the VEXIQ Worlds in 2016, you had an awesome robot”.

Remember to wear your “On the VEX Fourm I’m …” name tag!

Well you know me from previous GA highschool competitions, so you can come visit us in the middle school division. Hope to see you there!

We’ll for sure come by to see you and your team Duke, though it is a good little hike over to the middle school division :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea it is a little walk but if you dont have the time, i will be roaming around the whole facility as much as i can showing my teammates around since my other mates have never been to world and it is my second time going for me. We will be mostly roaming in the highschool area because of all the cool pits and military stuff there.

Dont forget to bring the robot with you.
You never know what might happen…

Like Abhinav’s team.