Teams who deconstruct

Have you deconstructed you robot yet this season?

No, we kept ours together because we still need to compete with it.


No, to rebuild because you can make it better.

What state is your old robot?
  • Completely intact
  • Certain components (ie. flex wheels) stolen but mostly intact
  • Completely or almost completely scraped
  • My team hasn’t started a rebuild

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Wait some of y’all have more than one chassis lying around at a time??

Yes. We are starting a new build today instead of reworking the existing bot. If the new one is better, the old one gets torn down.

After last weekend’s competition… came up with a list of ~20 edits needed. Was faster to build new from the ground up.


We do the same thing at every competition we determine what we need to fix then we decide if we need to rebuild and if so if we have time before the next competition

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