Teams you ALWAYS see at competitions

I think it would be fun to make a list of all of the common stereotypical teams you always see at competitions.
This list is not meant to harass teams that could unfortunately fall in some the worst stereotype.

  1. The school with 4-6 teams, and only 1 of them is in the top 6
  2. The school with 3-5 teams that occupy all but 1st place
  3. The 2 middle school teams with the decent robot, and the one that the coaches are trying to make work 5 minutes before the match
  4. The private team with like 3 people that is in 1st or 2nd place (They also sit around and do nothing in between matches)
  5. The private team with like 3 people that has a half working robot, but somehow gets to reigonals
  6. The really good team with 8 people that is really annoying to compete against
  7. The new team that has a robot which can only do one thing, but gets 3rd seed
  8. The team that did not expect to get alliance captain, who looks at the list of teams, and chooses the 2nd robot from #3

And lastly but not leastly,
9. The team of 7-9 6th graders, who totally had nothing to do with building the robot, and gets 1st seed EVERY FREAKING TIME, but you are thankful that they are in the separate MS competition

Can confirm 4 and 5.

The teams with 2 or 3 robots, one does good in quals the other throws them, then one of the robots which is 1 or 2 seed picks the other robot from it’s team which are ranked like 20th

Too relatable in FTC.

That one team that does good EVERY year, no matter who is on the actual team it and goes to worlds every year.

That one team that gets carried every time and wins every competition without doing anything.

That one team who has a completely steel robot and when questioned on it, tells you year after year that it’s better than aluminum because of structural stability.

Also that one team that always runs the most extremely-torque oriented gear ratios because they think it’s absolutely necessary (one team this year has a 243:1 mogo lift for 4lbs…).

Also the team that copied ALBA’s robot, but clearly did not look at the CAD, and is using the clawbot claw.

Dang… 100% accurate
Also @Mystellianne do you happen to have a picture of that 243:1 lift on that robot? That’s something I’d like to see. If they’re using more than one motor for that though they probably should Seriously rethink

Are you kidding!? With only one motor it needs to be AT LEAST 462:1! /s

I don’t unfortunately, but I can tell you that their robot is entirely steel, they shaved out their gears so that they could run it within some piece in the drivetrain (and all those trimmed pieces are in direct contact with the walls of the drivetrain coughfrictioncough), its two motors, and all of their mechanisms bar their wheels use worm gears.

Also, their mogo lift isn’t just the 243:1 four bar, there’s an additional 243:1 set of hinges that open and close under the mogo to pick it up / drop it…

One of my school’s teams had a 4-motor worm mogo lifter. When they lowered it it would slightly raise the whole bot (and then slide out of the rail and break).

Maybe you should’ve gave them a few tips, I know I would hurt inside if I saw that

I did, but their robot is built by one of the dads, and he defended his gearing choices as if they were holy to him. I did all I could lol

Oh that’s even worse if an adult did it. Oh well.

smh even this gearbox will burn out a motor every time during a match

The ms team with one of the best bots at state and you see their coach fixing it in the practice fields.

Our state has 9 and 2

Not this year tho. Indiana is splitting middle school and highschool state into 2 separate events.

The rich private school whose teams cover the all 1-6 seeds in the competition and get all their teams to sate in their first 6 competitions