Tech-Know Commandos (2625A) World Championship Reveal

Seeing as the 2012 World Championships are less than a month away, it seems like a fun idea to reveal what the Tech-Know Commandos have been up to recently

This is what we plan on bringing to Anaheim, as it is much faster than our first robot for the gateway season, as shown here

It has a 6 motor drivetrain geared 1.25:1 (speed,) a two motor 6 bar arm geared 5:1, and our unique intake mechanism, featuring a conveyor belt and swing out roller arms.

When a match starts, the robot exhausts for a second and deploys the swing out arms and lifts the whole manipulator body to an angle, due to the large amount of rubber bands on the arm.

Only one battery is being used, and as of now only three quadrature encoders are onboard as sensors, which will change as I start programming its autonomous modes.

I also will try to upload some video footage as soon as I can. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Pretty cool robot. I’m assuming it drives over objects, but is it stable? Considering how high the battery is, it must have been a fair challenge to stop it from tipping over. Also, do you find the intake to be more effective than other robots that you are competing with?

I remember this robot from QCC. You guys did really well! I’m not sure what happened in the Semifinals, because it looked like you just sat on a goal like you were stuck on something.

I really love the simplicity of the drivetrain. It’s nice and clean. Is this robot 100% aluminum?

How many objects can you hold? I never saw your robot hold more than 2 or 3 at QCC. I’m not sure if you changed it since.

P.S. Can you post a close up picture of the wiring? We could use a few lessons in organization. :slight_smile:

on the very last picture there is a piece of C-channel across the middle, so i dont think it can drive completely over objects.

cool bot, guys!!

I don’t think its a C-channel, I think its a plate, so the objects just slide over it.

if you look at the picture above that, you can see it from the side, and it still looks like c-channel to me :rolleyes:

1st and 4th pictures show a C Channel

Looks pretty thin for a C channel though… maybe a trimmed down C channel? I just can’t see why they would build the back like that if it couldn’t drive over objects.

i programmed the drivetrain with a speed ramp, basically when the arm is raised it starts at about half speed and increments up to my joystick value. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the code, and it’s messy but i’ll attach it.

In the semifinals at QCC, my robot disconnected from the field somehow, dead battery maybe? I’m not exactly sure… My wiring is a mess today, maybe tomorrow ill post a pic :stuck_out_tongue: I can hold five objects, if stacked as shown here, and yes they will exhaust like that.

That is a c-channel by the way, there are only two bars connecting the robot together, at the top and that bottom c-channel, i needed the space for my manipulator. It actually is very sturdy and is much more robust than it’s last competition, where it made it to finals match three with two 817 teams (D and B, i think?) This robot was built by yours truly a week before that QCC event, and i have been improving ever since. As some of you may know, one of my teammates has quit recently, so about 70% of my team’s workload is on me, seeing as it is now a two person team. I drive and program, and my teammate and i work together when we can.
Gateway WC Code.c (5.91 KB)

Nice robot! I agree with Telemascope that while your drive train seems to be designed to drive over objects, it has that one c-channel across the middle of the drive train that prevents your robot from using that capability. Without designing specifically to drive over objects, I’m wondering about the high CoG with the batteries/electronics as well as the minimalistic and (arguably) less structural chassis.

Edit: Just saw your recent post, why not go with the very common ramp intake instead? Or a hybrid flat -> ramp intake that will give you space for your flip-out manipulator? Not sure, just my first thoughts.

I have considered that, but I’m pretty comfortable with how this one works. Now i could always make a polycarbonate ramp so that objects can ride right over that c-channel. It is simply there for structural rigidity, which is very important to me. I will post a video when i can, which should answer many questions about it. The robot is about 75% aluminum, and the cog is not that much of a concern, which i will demonstrate with a video, due to programming of the drivetrain.

That C-Channel serves a second purpose as well, see if you can figure it out. Hint: pay attention to its starting position.

Nice robot. The intake is intersting, was it inspired by these robots? (minus the folding bit, of course)

Do they outtake any slower than normal intakes?

yes, it was, mainly the manipulator at first, we had taken that and put it on our old “swing lift” robot, but then i decided that a six bar would be much more efficient, allowing only two motors on the arm and naturally being much faster. It exhausts fast and probably about the same speed as the other types out there. I’m working on improving how well it holds objects though, the static sprocket and tabs need either more tabs (6 opposed to 3) or they need to be closer together

What success have you guys had at competitions?

i think it was more of a feild issue a team 2 matches later had the exact same problem and was on the same spot as us.

Hey i did a little before the termination haha but i think you rebuilt those parts (maybe?) 817 was great to work with (both b and d) but we fell short of team 40’s high standards.

it made it to the finals after the rebuild and fell to a all team 40 alliance in the 3rd match of the finals they did a great job and beat us by a point

and just one final thing REBUILD RONNY!!! i said id post it (and im making shirts just because)

Looks really fast. I love how you attempted to go against the majority of standard desgins.

But in going against the traditional, what benefits dose your robot have? Can you descore easily?

I haven’t tried it, I wont get a chance for a while. I’m still working on getting my intake optimized, it’s not perfect yet.

I think that Paul said something like this to me at QCC: “What happened to your robot?!” Ah well, I will miss the old one but I guess you have to keep with the times. Good luck.

Yeah, early on our first design was great, but it wasn’t fast, it was robust and reliable