Tech Support at Worlds

Hi, does anyone know if there will be any staffs that could help us troubleshoot our hardware? Our brain seems to be faulty and we would like to know if there are any support teams at Worlds that could help us with it and possibly replace our brain.



There is always a technical support booth in previous years.
I would expect the same this year.

And the crew are great!

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Yes, we will be there throughout the event. We are usually near the inspection area, ask at pit admin if you need directions.

What’s wrong with the hardware ?


I’m not really sure if it is hardware of software, but our brain freezes quite often. It freezes around once every two times I do an action to it like check devices or download code.

So when the brain freezes, does the touch screen work at all ? The button ? can you start a program from the controller ?

The controller’s screen goes red and says “Robot Link Lost” and the button also does not function. The only way to “fix” it is by unplugging the battery.

Ok, you could try the vexos 1.0.7 update we released today, but come find us at tech support and we can more easily figure out what’s wrong. We should be there when the doors open on Wednesday.

We have tried using 1.0.7 and downloaded it just now. The problem continues.

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Our team has this problem too. It only occurs for us when we run autonomous from the controller while connected to a computer (but exiting the autonomous early)

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Does it freeze up the timer of code running?

Yes it does. The controller goes red as well, but motors stay powered (brakes are on).
The radio does keep flashing green if connected to field control as well though which is odd.

I get the exact same thing. How often does it happen to your brain?

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I had this problem and ended up sending the brain off for a replacement.

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I believe you are downloading wirelessly. I have the same problem but now I all I do is wait till the robot disconnects and then run the autonomous code. It has to something with when the code is downloading wirelessly it uses a different channel then when it connected normally so you have to give it time to switch channels. Hope this helps you guys out.

@Tissan356A No, I use the Micro USB cable to download plugged to the brain using VCS. But thank you so much for your effort.

Ours does the same thing but only during the autonomous mode. The controller reads “Robot Link Lost”, but the brain is still showing that it is in the program and the only way to exit is to unplug it.

A few of my teams have had this issue in the past but its very rare and has never been a reoccurring problem for us. front what I’ve seen it seems to just be buggy software and no way to cause the issue.