Tech support for IQ graphical programming

Can you help with the graphical programming for clawbot? I have a series of functions and it ran well for a few times and now it just does the first two and freezes. Help please! How can I speak with a technician?

Aloha Mamarizz,
I will be glad to help out if you are using ModKit. Would you be able to send over some screen shots? I’d be glad to look at them.

Hi Mamarizz,

If you would like to contact the official Technical Support for ROBOTC (if you are using ROBOTC Graphical) or Modkit for VEX (if you are using Modkit), their official contact information is listed here:

ROBOTC Support:

Modkit for VEX Support:

There are also great folks here on the VEX IQ Forum as well, some of which are from the VEX, ROBOTC, and Modkit technical support, who would be glad to help you here.


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