Tech Vocabulary

I do not understand these terms and their functions. Could anyone please explain. I’m quite new, so if this in the wrong place I’m sorry!

Digital I/O Ports
2 Axis Accelerometer
UART Serial Ports
12C Smart Ports
High Resolution Analogue Ports (12 bit)
Config hole
Control Signal
Rx1 & Rx2

I’ve moved this thread to the general tech support channel.

Digital I/O Ports the ports on the side of the cortex, have 3 pins in them, used for bump switches and other sensors
2 Axis Accelerometer- a sensor that vex sells that measures acceleration
High Resolution Analogue Ports (12 bit)- the other 1/2 of the ports used for plugging in sensors
Config hole somewhere on the cortex, theres a small hole you put a paperclip into to completely and totally reset the cortex, kinda like on a router
PWM- the style of connector that vex uses
Control Signal-?
Rx1 & Rx2-?
where did you see these two? i’d need some context if i were to understand