Techna PWN 2013

We at Techna PWN are proud to present the newest member of the TPR family: Theta. Equipped with a mechanum drive-train, high capacity scoring, multiple autonomous routines, and quick de-scoring; Theta is ready to take on worlds. We look forward to seeing you there.


That descore rake…

Very good one

Cool! My only comment is that it doesn’t seem to descore into it’s conveyor system, but onto the floor. I’d suggest you figure that out as I would imagine at worlds you’d want to be able to descore/rescore really quickly.

The robot does de-score into the conveyor, depending on how you drive the robot. The faster you pull them out, the fewer no. of sacks fall onto the conveyor. Many still fall onto the lexan loader and can be quickly loaded. Also, if we hold the lexan in the up position, they deflect onto the conveyor. If we drive back slower, they all fall onto the conveyor - just depends on how the driver wants to handle the situation.

Oh okay, that makes sense. Now that I look at it a second time I see that a lot of the sacks did fall on the conveyor :stuck_out_tongue:

it has been a pleasure to work with you many times this season as it is the “Nebraska Nerd Herds” last season :,(

nice simple efficient descorer! (y)

Your robot has sufficiently scared me. Time to rethink my strategy!

What does your scoop run off of? Also, arm lift ratio? Excellent robot. Very impressive

The spatula is powered by two high speed motors geared 1:2. The Lift uses two high strength motors as well geared 2:5 then 1:5 for a total of 1:12.5 making it fairly robust.

Thanks! Did you double up your 24 tooth gears to prevent slipping or was that not an issue?

Is there 24-tooth gear available? I remember there are 12, 36, 60 and 84-tooth gears.

I was under the impression that it is chained 2:5 because a 24 tooth gear does not exist.

That is correct. It is chained 6:15 with high strength chain then geared by 12:60 with high strength gears. We use the 15 tooth sprocket from the tread kit to get the ratio.

That makes more sense. My apologies. For some reason I saw a gear chart that had a 24 tooth gear, but forgot that it was only in the advanced gear kit.

I don’t think there is a 24 tooth gear, even in the advanced gear kit.

edit: Apparently the bevel gear is 24-tooth…

The gear that drives the worm gear in the advanced gear kit is a 24 tooth, but its teeth are angled funny.

Helical gears… One of the noobs on our team used them on his drive by accident and it shredded through every gear he put it with.