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I’d like to get my kids ready for a technical/design interview but I have no idea what it looks like. Is it usually conducted in a separate room? or in the pit area? is there a time scheduled for it? is there any material that the kids should have ready (like code printouts)?

The guide that the judges are given is here . This includes the rubric the judges use to score the notebook and the interview. I use this to prep my team.

The Design Interview is supposed to be conducted in the pits.

Since they turn in their notebook generally first thing, they do not have access to it during the interview. I suggest to my team that if there is anything in particular they want to show the judges or need for explanation, they should make copies and have it with them in the pits.

The judges will review notebooks first, then come into the pits to conduct interviews. Sometimes teams will get more than 1 interview. There might be separate interviews for the Think Award that focus more on the programming. It could be that there is more than 1 judging team, and each team might try to interview the top candidates to better facilitate their decision making.


Consider making a tri-fold with the information that you want to show the judges. Then you have something for them, and something for other people to look at.

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