Technical Issues/Brainstorming

These are the same dimensions as the Clean Sweep small balls (4" diameter) and are also made out of the same material (polypropylene foam), so I think that they would weigh about the same at 0.125 lbs.

Actually when we were playing with them we thought around .2 to .25 pounds would be more accurate

On top of that the rulebook States these balls are polyurethane foam not polypropylene foam

Actually the rule States you can’t expand up even in the climbing zone till the last 30 sec of the match. You can expand your length and width at any time in the climbing zone.

<SG1> At the beginning of each Match, each Robot must be placed such that it is touching one of its colored Alliance Starting Tiles, not touching any Scoring Object other than those permitted by <SG2> and not touching any other foam field tiles, or another Robot. No more than one (1) Robot may start the Match on any one (1) Alliance Starting Tile.

It never says you can’t touch the wall.

You could start with a push bot on the wall with a piece that extends to the ground. Alliance gives a “shoulder” and you retract the piece. Not exactly useful but a loophole.

So, I’m thinking of using pneumatics on our bot this year, can anyone walk me through how to integrate a pneumatics system into VEX?

The rule states that you can expand horizontally at any point in the climbing zone, and leave it while still in the expanded state. You just can’t expand any more while outside of it.
In other words, wallbots are still legal this year.