TechnoBots' robot

Hey guys! This is my robot for round up:

Feel free to comment!!

I would love to see your robot! However I must inform you that I’m having trouble viewing the pictures. I believe they were removed or are not set to public.


Hmm… I’ll see what I can do

I think I fixed it. can you see them now?

Yes, i can see them now

your intake is interesting, is the rear descorer necesarry?
it looks like you might be able to descore with ur main claw…

Yes, although I can descore with the the main claw, the rear descorer is alot more efficient and faster.

what do you use your motors for that you do not use 4 on the chassis?

Neat robot! I love the simplicity and very low profile. Was your reason for the descoring mechanism on the back because you wanted to be able to hold rings and still descore? Or was it just because the linear motion is better than the curved motion of the 4-bar?


EDIT: Never mind about the descoring mechanism, I now see your above post.

I use only 2 motors for driving, I use 2 high strength motors for my main lift, and I use a normal motor for the linear slide descorer, and I use 2 motors for the intake rollers

so couldnt you put a motor on each wheel? your bot would perform better that way

I don’t have enough motors for all four wheels. ):

is this your first year?
this is impressive for a first year!
because you were not shy to “Advertise” your robot
i will definitely drop by and take a look!
i can also give you some pointers and tips for future reference and maybe some spare parts for you to use :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll be seeing you at world!

btw, there will be a few more changes come worlds!

It’s over anyway! Nice simple bot!