TECHNOLOGY division reveals

If you’re in technology division please feel free to post your reveal/info about your robot in this thread :slight_smile: Here is 9571D’s reveal video. We have a three cube capacity and are able to put up a 6 high skyrise. I believe our team can assist any other type of robot with our biggest weakness being not having a high autonomous number.

This division looks loaded with top notch talent from all over as well as having a good group of VRC/FRC power house teams. Depending on how divisions are split up in Saint Louis this might be the first time (correct me if I’m wrong) that the 2 of the 3 VEX and FIRST World Champion Alliance teams are from the same program. There are also some really elite level international teams on the list as well. I couldn’t be happier for my students to be able to see these high caliber and professional teams in our division, and we also look forward to playing with 333M and 7232B from our previous competitions.

Nicholas why don’t you use a six point auton? I saw that you did that in the cube skills. You could just lift up the arm and then drive forward to get another cube, and then score it. Are there issues with reliability?

We have a little bit of drift when we turn, but we will definitely try that auto out. Part of it I guess was that we hadn’t considered it yet, thanks for the suggestion!

Team 5691B will be in the technology division. We have some powerful teams in this divisions :smiley:

Click here to watch the reveal

We mainly focus on the cubes, but if we will do skyrises if we are not partnered up with a strong skyrise bot.

We can change and delay our auton if it interferes with our alliance’s auton.

Cubes- most effcient on skyrise, med post, low post (can do high if we have cubes left)

Skyrise- 5 high but currently working on 7 high

Highest score achieved in driver skills is 45 points (un-official)
44 pts achieved 95% of time.

Team 1366 is excited to be in Technology and is ready to defend our (136M, my old team’s) title from last year!

We have a 3 stage scissor lift geared 3:49 and a 3 cube conveyor intake. Our robot is primarily geared toward cubes and can score 19 in a match (4 in auton, 15 in driver). We have a 10 point, 4 cube post autonomous using a gyroscope and IME. Though our robot is only a 3 stage, it can efficiently score 3 cubes at a time on a full skyrise (i might reveal how in a video soon…) Though we are focused around cubes, we can still score up to 6 skyrises tall in 35-40 seconds and fill it up with around 30 seconds to spare. This is a video of our robot from about 3 weeks ago. In this video our auton did not work (limit switch error) but in driver control we were still able to score 13 cubes. Since then we have been vigorously working to improve our robots abilities and now have a much faster and more capable robot that will greatly accommodate any skyrise builder.

Good luck to all, and cant wait to compete with you soon!:smiley:

This is for 6430. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

This is for Team 3388:

3388 team is a two member rookie team from Alberta, Canada.

Tournament Champion x2
Excellence Award x1
Robot skills Award x1
Programming Skills Award x1

Reverse double 4 bar. 4 lift motor. 6 motor H drive. Pneumatic cube intake. Pneumatic skyrise swivel and claw. Seven cube and seven skyrise.

20 point skyrise.
10 point cube autonomous.
Highest match score 92.

Technology division is the tough division but my two student will learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

6135 Robotics qualified 4 teams for worlds!!!

6135C - Technology
6135Z - Math
6135E - Engineering
6135X - Arts

You can check out team 6135C’s reveal here:

-Specializes in cubes (3 cube intake)
-Scores 4 skyrise sections, and cubes all the way up to 6 sections
-8 point autonomous that is consistent on all tiles
-Robot is very fast at picking up and scoring cubes efficiently

  • When paired with a good skyrise scoring bot, can easily score 95+ pts