Technology Division - Sack Attack

Divisions are posted,

Post a link to your reveal or info of your team if you are in the Technology Division.

Here is the link to 5003’s robot reveal:

Best of luck and see you guys there!

We are in technology this year :slight_smile: cant wait to see what hidden gem robots are in our division! We have a small team, bringing only one robot this year. See you all on Wednesday :slight_smile: do come by and say hello!

I’m very excited to be representing the technology division again this year! I’m sure there will be plenty of great robots, matches, and cutthroat competition. See you all in Anaheim!

I was with you in technology last year (21C). Looks like it will be a fun division. Stop by and introduce yourselves even if we already know you (a lot of new sophomores this year).


TECHNOLO-GEES! We’re basically gangsters with computers.
1064P will be representing our school in this division. If you ever need anything, come find us and we’ll do our best to make it happen :slight_smile:
I don’t see many big names besides the two or three that have posted here, but i’m sure i’m overlooking some teams and I’m not gonna count anyone out.

My students almost never post on the forums, but they are also in the Technology division, team 8888Z (Robo Lancers). They only just finished the robot for worlds but are an experienced team, this is the third year of robotics and second worlds competition for most of them. Two of the three local competitions they attended this year do not show results on the robotevents web page so the various scouting databases will not have much information included for them. The local teams like 21C know who they are.

I’m sure any team coached/mentored by the legendary programmer and designer of our time will do well. Hopefully we can be paired up :slight_smile:

What’s up guys. I’m a technology alumni as well and hopefully we’ll do well and beat up the other divisions. #technologyforlyfe

Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you all to check out the 569 pits! If any of you remember plinko, we’re having our own with a little NHRC flair. Look for the three 569 teams and come win a prize!

Here’s a video preview

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This should work

Match 50: 2915A vs 4540A
I’m excited!