Technology Division

Hi, I would like to know who has six bar linkages in technology or just generally prefers the isolation

Also anyone else can make a shout out for their team. I think this division might have the three world winners!!!

I am technology and can work in isolation. I prefer interaction though due to being able to cap goals. Would be useful to have a thread for each division where teams can get a grasp on who is there?

1471A is in technology too. We have a scoring wallbot that can reach all three goals, and we have an autonomous for both zones. Hope to see you guys there.

Here ia a link to our reveal thread:

4405b is also in the technology division. We had a side-sucker intake with a chain lift. We also have deployable wings. We prefer the iso but excel in both.

We’re in Technology and have a 6-bar and prefer the isolation…so we’re pretty mich perfect, right? Right?

We have a tank tread robot and don’t have a preference over isolation or interaction. We also have 12 autonomous modes and they all work perfect.

If you don’t mind telling us, why would you need 12 autonomous modes, and how are they different?

We have 4 for each interaction zone and 2 for each isolation zone. We descided to have more so that the opposing team is left guessing what autonomous we are going to run.

That’s pretty impressive. I’m going to assume that the other six are mirrors for each color. Do they score the same amount of points?

We’re also in the Technology division. GLHF!!! :D:D:D:D

8059D… 6-bar.

We can do both zones.

As for iso… we can clear the zone in less than 20 seconds after autonomous… very consistent robot and good drivers.

Do drop by and take a look… you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

Yes they are mirrors. Our autonomous is so easy to program that we could throw together a couple more if we have to during competition.

1492X is ready to go after a spring break design and programming revamp. Hope to see you all in programming skills as well!

10B is in Tech. Our old robot cleared Iso before 10 seconds hit in driver. Current one clears it before driver starts (including preloads of course), but then again it all boils down to the preferred strategy :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck and have fun!

Hello, I’m also in Tech. I have a chainsaw intake robot with 2 393’s and 2 269’s on the base with a ratio of 1.4:1 a 1:5 lift, and the intake is powered by two high strength motors geared for speed. We can outtake almost as quickly as regular dual roller intakes and can cap pretty easily. Good luck guys :slight_smile: Hopefully we will win.

We used to be in Tech for the last 2 years, but now they’ve randomized the teams.

People might say that Tech doesn’t have as many of the big names as some of the other divisions, but that’s probably just because we’ve not heard or remembered the ones there.

Is Karthik MCing for Tech division again? Murdomeek and I wanted him to be MCing our matches again, but we’re in Engineering.

6088 works in isolation and interaction. in interaction we can score 8 or 7, in isolation we can score 5 and pick up all the pieces in the zone.
isolation strategy: score in the 20 inch, both ours and the opponents, taking both 2 point bonuses. then pick up the other 2 in the zone. then we score those while waiting for alliance to throw peices over. the alliance should fill up the 31 inch during autonomous
interaction: same as b4, fill the 31 inch and throw peices over

we use a 6 bar and mecanum wheels

1107A is gonna be here tooo! I prefer the interaction zone or isolation. It takes me 20 seconds to clear out iso zone with 5 original objects and two peeleads! Without autonomous.

How many points does yours score! Unfortunately i had one of the rules read wrong. I could score 24 points but now can only score 18. Hope u guys good luck and wish u the best in autonomous challenge. U gotta win it!!

Make sure to check out my team’s pit too! My team (4603B) is a dual intake tread robot optimized to peak performance. We can intake balls and barrels in any orientation VERY easily, can descore on all goals, have great strategies and autonomouses for all zones, and we are very fast and powerful. (Due to having a 6WD, with 4 393’s geared at 1:1.6 for speed.) Our team has been blessed with great success, winning 2 of the 3 competetitions we’ve gone to and have collected 5 trophies this season (2 Tournament Champion, 1 Excellence Award, 1 Judges Award, and 1 Think Award) and one of the tournaments we won was the Disney All Star Challenge.