Technology Division

Looks like the rest of the forum is creating their own division threads to make scouting easier. Technology where you guys at?!?
Technology list:

Our reveal:

We didn’t make a reveal but here is our 64 programming skills.

We’re in technology! Check out our reveal video.

  • 6 motor lift 5:1 torque
  • 4 motor high speed drive
  • Pneumatic Claw
  • Pneumatic fence lock for blocking and defence - works really well for quick defence and then getting back in the offensive play
  • 4 Autos each side

Team 224X Specs:
6 Motor lift 1:5 (9 stars)
4 Motor x-drive HS 1:1
1:5 Torque Motor Claw
6’ wide Claw for easy collection (special base so robot is no bigger than any other when claw is closed - so still very manuverable
High Hang
12 Autonomous modes, including high hang - easy to add more
Interactive Digital Googlie Eyes
103 official skills
118 since then in practice
Tip of claw is 3’ above the fence when throwing, so hard to be blocked, and easy to block

I think this violates rule <SG8>

5839E: The Terminator

6 motor 1:5 speed lift
4 motor 3:1 torque drive
2 motor 1:5 torque claw

max capacity: 2 cubes and 4 stars

We are actually faster than what is shown in the video as we only had dead batteries.

Come over to our pits tomorrow to scrimmage if you want some practice.