Tele-op problems

Hey, i have years of experience with vex programming but switching over to an iPad and iPad cant use text and the blocks are all different now so i was wondering if someone could help. We’ve got an autonomous and tele-op, the autonomous works but the teleop has problems

First the robot wont drive with driver control, we set up the drive base in the program but it just doesnt move period, we’ve tried all sorts of stuff. The drive base does work and we can give it commands like drive forward for 100mm but nothing for teleop.

Second one motor wont respond to speed commands. We have two arms with large gear ratios to lift scoring goals, and it lifts just fine, (both are connected to one trigger and bumper). But when we lower the arms one goes at max speed and the other goes at our slow speed. Both arms have the same code, same gear ratios, both are red gear boxes, and same setup in the motor menu. Any ideas?


The first port of call is definitely to post your code. Either attach the file here of possible, or if not screen shots.

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Here, sorry not a great photo

Can you show the device configuration screen? Also, which motors are your drivetrain motors and which are your lift motors?

Your stop and spin cant be in the same statement (use if/else)

Ill get the configuration asap, my teammate has it. 4 and 5 are lift, 3 and 8 are conveyor belt, and 1 and 10 are drive. 4 is the lift motor that’s breaking. Also the stop and spin works fine, it’s just the spin to get one arm down wont respond to speed commands and goes to fast, do you thing if/else will fix it?