What is the most anoying telemarketer call you have ever gotten? Also, how do you deal with telemarketers?

We are on a “do not call list.” So, telemarketers aren’t allowed to call us. Because of this, we only get two to three telemarketer calls a year.

I got a telemarketer call asking if I wanted to be in a male beauty pageant. I was not amused:mad:

Um…that might have been a prank call.

Two words: caller ID

We use this on top of being on top of the do not call list. Do they offer the do not call list in all states?

i dont think they do in ontario
if i get a telemarketer i tell them my parents arent interested

:smiley: if i get a telemarketer i awnser it then hang up lol

When I get a telemarketer call I talk to them and waist their time then I hang up.

thats even better sometimes i say i have to go get my mom so i just let the fone sit unhooked for a couple mins with the person still on and ill say hold on shes coming wait another minut then hang up

i usually hang up but sometimes its great to be annoying and obnoxious and pretend to sell them an item lol;)