TeleOp with Automation Controlled

Ok so I had a question about programming a robot to be controlled by me but the lights are on and stuff. I ended up figuring it out so I thought I’d post it just to help any fellow vex people. Basically it’s just a line of if/else functions but I’ll post the pictures of the code.

Can you please elaborate on your problem? Also please send all of your pictures in one post.

My problem was that I couldn’t make my robot use TeleOp with Automation. I wanted to be able to control my robot but I wanted it to have lights and a siren in it too. But I figured out the issue and the pictures were the code that I built to fix it. I asked the question on the V5 forum by accident so when I found the solution I thought I’d post it just to help others. And I can’t post more than one picture per post for some reason. I don’t have an issue. I HAD an issue but I solved it and the code at the top is the solution.