Telescoping Arm?

Has anyone ever made a telescoping arm out of VEX parts before? I’m relatively new to VEX and this is for an idea i’m developing. Any help (Pictures, videos, etc.) would be greatly appreciated!

AFAIK, no.

The “Hand of God” has been a long-running joke on the Forums for years, but I don’t think anyone ever actually pulled the trigger and built one. Cody’s original sketch seems to have disappeared, too. Or at least I couldn’t find it when I went looking on Saturday.

Excuse me for being new to the forum, but what is the lift mechanism you are talking about? Some links please?

If you mean a telescopic arm, like a linear/elevator lift that rotates like a linkage as or arm, and not a lift like 1103 currahee, then yes.

I suggest making something like this in the photo,

and mount it like a regular arm like on the clawbot

If you’re talking about any arm that gets longer, then yes.

In gateway we built a rubber band powered extending chain bar with a linear slide and a ratchet. it extended about 8" longer the first time you lifted and the ratchet kept the chain tensioned correctly.

I built a sort of telescoping arm for my capper during sack attack it was based off of 2W’s gateway world championship wallbot arm.

It was rubberband expanded because it just had to block the opponents high goal.

Here’s a Wikipedia page for it: essentially it is a retractable arm that can collapse into a short space and grow to large heights. My FRC team built one a long time ago, but I didn’t see any VEX parts that really looked good for a solid telescoping arm. Thanks for the replies everyone!