Telescoping Tray with L-Channels

Is it possible to make a telescoping tray with your tray being made of L-channels rather than C-Channels?

I tried this recently bevause my tray is made of L-channels and it does work it’s just not as easy. When I did it I screwed another l-channel to the back of the tray that wraps around the corner and was offset enough to fit a half-cut c-channel in the gap. It worked but it’s not the best and I’m sure there are other ways. If space isnt a problem you could try mounting a short c-channel on the back and side with black spacers for the half cut to roll on for sliders. I haven’t tried that though since it would be too wide to fit in my lift.


If you have an L-channel tray, you can use lexan to make the telescoping tray. I think 25461z, uncharted has a telescoping lexan tray but I’m not sure.

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You can make the cascade stage out oh half c’s and just make a ‘box’ for it on the side of the L-Channel. I believe 7k did this.