Tell me about Banners

I’m running the Delmarva Championships (HS / MS) and I need to decide about banners,

A few years ago I had teams win Regional Champs and ordered banners. when I went to hang them in the Gym, got a big push back from "real sports "< Insert Bridge over the River Kwai explosion> but they were hung.

I need to order new banners, but not up to the annual battle < insert Death Star Explosion> Do you get banners when you win? What happens to them? Where do your awards end up?


I think I am getting confused. Are you asking what schools do with the banner if a team wins one, and how/if team members could have banners handed to them for their accomplishments?

What happens to the banners. Are they displayed like other events or do they end up in a land dump. I’m happy to award teams, do I buy a banner or just hand out $20 bills?

I’m after inspiration, so if awards in the display case or hanging in the rafters make roboteers excel then I’m for it. Roboteer banners in the sub-sub-sub basement isn’t where I want to be

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We just use banners/trophies to decorate our workspace, and at worlds. As a community team meeting at a community college, we don’t have the “school sports” banners in the gym.

We hang them up in our exhibition booth at the Monroe County Fair, too.

As for the teams, I think they appreciate getting the banners at states.


Our org has the one banner we have won hanging in the window of our classroom. They are a pretty big deal to our teams.


At my school, we hang up banners received in the modular the school gave to us. Granted, we only got this modular two years ago and were held in bins until then.

The banners we got were also massive so if you keep the sizing reasonable teams will be able to hang them up in more places without an upset school.


For my organization we currently display our trophies in our mentor’s classroom. When our robotics space is completed (hopefully by the end of this summer), they will be displayed there. Most teams display their banners in their robotics spaces/classrooms/workshops, but I have heard of them being displayed in other places (my elementary school displayed a team’s banner in the front office because it was the school’s first banner, and they did not have any school-affiliated sports teams). I have seen FRC teams hang their blue banners in their workspace, and I think that is a great place to put them as roboteers can proudly view the accomplishments of their team. Some teams also being and display banners at competitions, but usually if they are for major awards (like at Worlds or Regionals). Displaying trophies is less common as they do not have the same effect as a large banner (banners are rarer than trophies).

Banners are usually awarded for major awards (Tournament Champions, (Semi) Finalists, Excellence, Design, and Robot Skills Champions), and are usually handed out at World Championship Qualifying events (although I have started to see larger local events start handing out banners as well).


If I won States and didn’t get a banner I would be most displeased.


We were independent last season, so the banner we won is currently hanging in my dorm room. Otherwise, any banners won by my old organization would likely be hung in the robotics classroom, or elsewhere in the school - which takes the robotics program very seriously. I would agree that the banners won are very important to the teams and organizations that end up winning them, even if just to symbolize an accomplishment.


At our school you can’t get better then a banner!
We have them displayed in the hall at our school.


As a coach I had a display case in the hallway that used the 2-4 most current banners as the backdrop behind the trophy shelves. Older banners got hung in the robotics shop. I never wanted to hang them openly in the hallway for fear of “those students” who walk down the hallway, pen in hand, scribbling on everything.

As an administrator now I see a number of different things. Some schools just hang them in the shop, but many hang them in public spaces. The most common setup I see is athletic banners in the gym, academic banners (robotics) in the cafeteria.


When I ran a private org, all the trophies and banners went with kids or were in my basement.

At my school now, we have a ton from our 10+ years as VEX program on tops of cabinets, and our awards from Worlds/US Open/Nationals on an outside trophy case that one of our students build before they graduated.

Our few banners are hung up in the room.

Hoping in the future I get a massive trophy case to put them all in, or our own robotics center where I can hang them up.


Our Banner just sits there collecting dust, and our trophies are on a big shelf.

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We don’t have any banners yet, but my school’s robotics does have a floor to ceiling window, ~12ft wide, to ourselves unofficially since it’s next to the field. This faces the second most trafficked hallway in the school, so it’s quite valuable real estate. We’ll probably hang any banners here (on the inside of the robotics room, to prevent vandalism). We put our trophies and advertisements here currently.

The best photo I have of this area:


(i’m not from your region though)


When I ran the PTA/School program, the banners were also useful for larger school events, where there was chance to promote the program to the community and for the incoming students.

Things like Back to School Night
Robotics corner of the school’s Science Fair.
Outdoor large PTA fundraiser.
Discovery day


What size do you use?

We have three banners hanging on a wall in our robotics room. I would tell you about our other banners, but they don’t exist yet. Our awards are on some shelves. and taped to doors.

I recently found out from our school administration that the gym is reserved for varsity banners. Now the school system is very supportive and we have a trophy case with robotics awards so I can’t complain. Of course, I would like to know if there is criteria for Varsity robotics.


We designate any team that qualifies for and competes at the State Tournament to be considered “Varsity.” Any other team that competes throughout the year is considered JV.

This is the letter jacket pin we give out: School Pin Awards | Robotics Gold Metal Insert | School Awards from Neff


Our high school’s teams are divided into 3 categories, “Varsity,” “Junior Varsity,” and “Casual.” The designations of the teams, and who gets to be on them if there is no recruiting going on, are determined by the coach.