Tell me about your experience with Vex!

Hello Vex community! So i’m doing a research project in school and I wanted to make it about engineering and uniting people around the world. Instead of looking for information online, I wanted to get primary sources from the people who have experienced it first hand. So naturally, I thought about VEX Worlds and the experiences I’ve had there.

If you could do me a favor and just write a little bit, I would love it if you could tell me about your experiences in VEX. Specifically, times that you collaborated with other people/teams that you otherwise would have never had the chance to know. Maybe you could tell me about how you felt being surrounded by so many different cultures at VEX Worlds, but still had so much in common with them? Even just 1 sentence helps :slight_smile:

If you’d rather not post it to the forums, shoot me an email at

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and any help you can give me! I apologize for this not necessarily being related to this season, or anything like that. Thanks guys :slight_smile: