Tell me what you think!

I made this website for some family friends and wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or comments on the site. The site is:

Thanks everyone for your help! :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate the help, I know it does not have anything to do with vex. :slight_smile:

The site with “Historic Snowflake Ticket Office”, and “3 ice skating rinks” ??

It looks great for a Real Estate site… I learned a bit more about Breckenridge, CO.

Maybe more links to the local Chamber of Commerce, Schools, General Entertainment/Enlightenment (e.g. Churches, Pubs, and Arcades)

The places that make a Community a Community…

Thanks a lot! I will look into that and talk about adding those things.

What did you think about the design?

Very straight forward, with no Flash or JavaScript “tricks”. I thought initially that I was directed to the wrong site… It does not have the appearance of being “thrown together”.

Look at the site (Silverleaf) that features “custom estate homesites”. Many advanced Web Site features, but the basic information is similar.