"Tell us about yourself" VEX Survey?

I received an email from “VEX Robotics”…

I want to fill out the survey. Before I click on links in emails like this I always try to verify I’m not falling for a fishing scam. Does anyone know, is this an official email and survey for VEX customers?

We at Har-Ber Robotics have not received an email like this.

Yes, this is an official survey.

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Perhaps it’s sent to a cross-section of customers selected at random? Maybe you need to have registered for a certain mailing list? Maybe it’s only sent to accounts that have purchased $X amount, or have purchased in the last X number of days? Perhaps the email is caught in someone’s “promotions” folder like mine was?

If you didn’t receive it, the survey was pretty simple, you aren’t missing anything huge. If you received it, fill it out so they have the feedback they need.

I received the survey as well, but when I clicked on the link it says “This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance.” Anyone else with the same problem?

They sent out a second copy, maybe with a better link?

Yes, we noticed the issue with the pre-filled survey shortly after sending the first e-mail. The second one contains an updated link, fixing this problem.

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Thanks, the second link works. For some reason the second email got sent to spam and the first one didn’t.