Temperature sensing with vex code text

So…this robot I have keeps having over heating issue and I’d like to figure out how to program it to make the screen be the color red once it reaches 55°C or more. How would I do this?

check this out.

Also, is 55C the temp the motor stops? Wouldn’t you want to know before then, when it starts to throttle?


55°C is when it cuts the power in half. 70°C is when it kills the motor’s power

I’m not sure how to make the robot recognize this and cause the screen to become red

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It is not a supported feature to make the screen turn red. See this thread about doing something similar:


If the processor knows this, can the joystick vibrate and a message of which element on the robot is overheating be displayed? ie - vibrate and display “drive temp warning” or something like that?

The robot is out doing something, and the driver may not see the screen. But if its in his hand… it would be useful.

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