Temporary glue for VEX IQ pins/axles?

Is there temporary glue for VEX IQ pins/axles? I built a 4WD truck similar to that shown at 4-Wheeler - VEX IQ General Discussion / VEX IQ Robot Showcase - VEX Forum but pins and axles pop out while running the truck. I know that there are Loctite thread locking compound in temporary and permanent variants but I’m not sure if they are safe for plastic.

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The “clutch power” of VEX IQ pins is typically quite high - so much so that there are specialized tools for removing them, and that they deliberately reduced the clutch power for the pins in the “VEX GO” kits aimed at younger kids. If you’re having trouble with pins coming out, it might be because the pins are bent and should be replaced. I’ve never tried it, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to use glue or loctite to hold IQ pins in place.

For shafts, you can use rubber shaft collars to prevent things from sliding off shafts.

You could even use the metal shaft collars which are held in place with set screws, and if you needed to, you could fix the set screws in place with loctite (I’d recommend the non-permeant variety). The metal shaft collars are designed for use with VEX EDR shafts, which are the same parts as VEX IQ metal shafts. Using metal shaft collars on VEX IQ plastic shafts is probably not a good idea.

If you’re looking for more specific help, some pictures of the mechanism/assembly you’re having trouble with would be helpful.


If the pins are coming out, it is because you have too much load on them. Gluing them somehow will pass that load to the next weakest point and break it.

Pictures of your build would be useful in this case.

I remember you had similar issues with your Armbot build which were due to incorrect build.


Locktite will eat the plastic.

As noted above, the pins are pretty grippy.

Are there locations adjacent to the pin that is popping to put other pins. A cluster of three pins is amazingly strong.

The other thing to try is to replace the 1x1 pin by a 2x2 pin. On the new ends that are sticking out put a small part (like a 1x2 flat), or a small black spacer or the rubber axle clamps. Now the force has to pull twice as much stuff apart.

Other choices depending on what parts you have is the 0x2 or 0x3 parts. The flat head wont pull though, and the extra block on the 0x3 makes it super strong.

If you dont care about the purity of VEXIQ then a small round head screw and nut will work.


Here are the steering linkages (U-joints, green spacers, and pins) that pop out while I’m driving the truck.

In the original there is a shock absorber that holds the parts together. You need some extra support there.


I 3D-printed longer steering links and they worked.



Nice job, they look really cool and useful! I add “make a custom 3D part” to the list of cool things to try.


Nice job. Steering linkages are hard to do with standard IQ parts when you have suspension involved and require the universal ball joints. That is a great solution.


I 3D-printed longer steering rack gear and the steering system worked better than before.



These look like some really good quality designs/prints! Good job!