Terminal Closing

I just started using PROS for V5 programming (got tired of VCS). I am on a Mac and got everything downloaded and working. As I am testing I noticed that the terminal is automatically closing. When I build the project it might give me an error and then within a few seconds it then closes. I also have gotten errors on the terminal package is this a known issue and what is the solution?
1069B Argonuats

Open a terminal, cd to your pros project directory, then run the pros commands manually. They are
prosv5 make
prosv5 upload
prosv5 terminal
prosv5 mu (combination of the first two)
prosv5 mut (combination of all three)

I am sorry let me be more specific. The terminal in the Pros Editor keeps crashing. After I build it is open for a few seconds and then closes again. Sometime I get an error saying the terminal-tab-plus had an issue.

What @sazrocks mentioned is a workaround.
What @1069B_Argonauts reports seems to be some bug in Atom, which I have observed as well yesterday.


By default, the terminal tab showing build output will close almost immediately after the process is finished. You can augment its behavior in settings:

  1. cmd+, to open preferences
  2. click “packages”
  3. search for “terminal-tab-plus”
  4. click “settings”
  5. change the “linger after exit setting” to -1.