Terminology help needed

I just need help with some terminology as I’m joining a rlly good team next year. What does a gyro and integral Sensor do and how does it help your code?

Gyro = Gyroscope, gives your robot its rotation in one axis (e.g. you can measure a 90 degree turn from when it started to when it ended). This is useful for calculating turns; if you don’t utilize it, the only other way to somewhat consistently turn an amount is with encoded counts.

Integral = (extremely simplified) the sum of the area under a specific curve. For example, if you had a velocimeter accurate enough, one could find out how far one has traveled by multiplying by time.

Inertial (which is what I assumed you meant) = a 3-axial gyroscope and 3-axial accelerometer. An accelerometer measures the acceleration at any given time. In theory you could take a double integral and find position, but VEX’s refresh rate probably isn’t, so you’d mainly use this as a gyro.

This is vastly simplified, but the basics of those concepts of how they are commonly used in my experience.


Thanks man! This really helped as I need to understand more if I don’t want to be left behind

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