Testing Autonomous Off the Field

My teams are using VEX Code V5 and it is my understanding that, if they code within a competition template, there is a way for them to test their autonomous program without using a competition switch. I can’t find any instructions for how to do this in the Knowledge Base, though. Can someone please help us out with this?

Select the autonomous program and 15 second timed run on your controller

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 2.12.42 PM


How do you select the autonomous program if it is part of the entire program within the competition template? I thought you could only select a full program to run, not part of a program. Do you mean just start a particular program that has an autonomous within it?

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On the controller, navigate to your program, then select Competition > Programming Skills. This will run only the autonomous routine for up to 1 minute.


or if you do timed run it just runs the 15 second auton